Healthy baby food based on quinoa: more nutrients and less sugar

Little Inca believes in good nutrition for every child, using the best plant-based ingredients. We focus on good gut health with every bite, optimal child development and disease prevention. That’s why we offer the first sustainable, quinoa-based baby food.

We offer a practical and sustainable paper pouch, without aluminum. The content is suitable for babies with 6 months and older, has fiber and complete protein with all 9 amino fatty acids. The sugar content is about as low as natural breast milk (<7g). Little Inca is vegan, dairy- and gluten free, free from all artificial additives and 14 allergies. Of course, we are certified organic.

Competitors usually consist of only 1-4 varieties of fruit and have about twice the sugar content. There is a lack of vegetables, nutrients and protein. We are the only brand on the market to meet the official nutrition claim requirements: source of fiber and source of protein in all our products. This makes it possible for all parents to feed their babies a healthy diet quickly and easily.

Little Inca is the perfect snack without a guilty conscience. And that’s how babies love their veggies!