• Raising the bar with food tech

    Med: Jonas Landström, CTO på Picadeli

    The story of how the leading healthy fast food company Picadeli invented a category, made it into a tech business, expanded internationally, overcame the pandemic and is now scaling more than ever.


    Picadeli has gone from a Swedish startup to selling more than 50 million salads per year in eight countries. A key success factor has been the invention of the connected salad bar – Arctic. What started with food safety is today an AI-driven salad bar with lots of tech features that enables stores to operate the salad bar with a minimum number of hours, low waste and maximized freshness.

    Taggning: Food Tech och Production

    Om: Jonas Landström

    Jonas Landström, CTO Picadeli, will describe the technology development and the journey from completely analogue to one of the most digitalized solutions in retail and how that has propelled Picadeli to become a successful global food tech player.