• Unleashing the power of fungi: the sustainable and versatile future of food

    Med: Paulo Teixeira, Chief Innovation Officer på Mycorena

    Fungi. These organisms evolved to grow in the most unexpected places, using what little is available to them. This efficiency and resilience make them a key solution for growing food sustainably worldwide. So how can modern technologies unlock the potential of these organisms we are already so used to eating? Paulo Teixeira, CIO at Mycorena, elaborates on utilizing fungi as a transformative tool in the food industry.

    Taggning: Food Tech och Production

    Om: Paulo Teixeira

    Paulo Teixeira has been leading Mycorena’s innovation and R&D since the company’s early days. He has a PhD in bioengineering and development of sustainable solutions through fermentation. He combines his passion for innovative products with previous experience as a startup co-founder and commercialization of new technologies.